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Sunday, September 20, 2020
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    Soargirlchild host annual event at Sasol Club eMbalenhle

    An initiative was started in a slogan: “No child must miss a day in school because of her period!”

    The month of August is known as the month for women, where usually many organisations host dinners and other events in celebrating women in excellence, but also to raise funds to help other people in need.
    Soargirlchild, an organisation from eMbalenhle, hosted an event called TALITA KORUM LADIES BRUNCH. “The aim of the organisation is to help save a girl child from all bad things happening in our society,” said Ntandokazimu Tshabalala, the owner and the founder of the organisation. She also explained that as she is a teacher, she saw a great need to have this organisation as many school children miss days in class.
    An initiative was started in a slogan: “No child must miss a day in school because of her period!” They visited a lot of companies and businesses asking for a donation of at least R50 for a kit where they buy Sanitary Towels and other things needed for young women especially when they have their period. Although it is not easy, but they strive to make sure this is a success. The event had a great turn out of more than 150 guests together with parents who left the event praising the organisers for their excellent work. From ages of 14 – 25-year-old girls from eMbalenhle school said that every year they will attend the event to learn some basics skills of life.
    According to the study conducted by Soargirlchild, in our community about 500 learners miss days in school. The issue being unable to attend school because she has her period which end up costing them valuable time in class at the end of the year. They lose important class tests and year marks. Several speakers did not overlook the issue of high teenage pregnancy especially in schools around Govan Mbeki municipality. Young school children were encouraged to focus more on studying rather than doing other things. Businesspeople and various stakeholders wished the organisation a long-life span as it changed a lot of lives.
    “It begins with one child per person, if you can spend R50 a month when doing your grocery shopping by purchasing a kit of sanitary towels and drop them at any school in the Govan Mbeki Municipality area you would have saved the day,” said one of the teachers in attendance emphasising the problem they face on a daily basis as educators where a young girl starts her period at school and there is no help.
    Sometimes they must take money out of their pockets and buy Sanitary Towels. A slogan by the house was introduced saying “SANITARY TOWELS FOR FREE AND CONDOMS FOR SALE” meaning having periods is natural whereas sex is a choice!
    A quick brainstorming session of the ladies on how to better eMbalenhle, came up with brilliant ideas from young girls.
    Some raised the importance of having an edu centre that will provide for the space of studying.
    Another idea was a Rehab centre that will help decrease drug abuse in the area.
    A very beautiful event was hosted by young women in South Africa showing that the continent is busy moving towards the Forth Industrial Revolution.
    We are very motivated by the owners of the organisation, their hard work and dedication in bettering lives of others and we hope everyone can do that .
    Well done ladies keep up the good work!!! – Sandile Mkhwanazi

    Soargirlchild host annual event at Sasol Club eMbalenhle