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Monday, September 21, 2020
16.1 C

    Veterans’ Breakfast

    This unique Bible encompasses the new Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.

    It was Brandwacht’s turn, one of the 3 units that resorts under Sector 1 Cosmos, to present the monthly breakfast at Kruik Café on Saturday.They invited Pastor Willie Ellis from the Christian Motorcyclist Association, Secunda, to inform Brandwacht’s guests regarding the work and vision of the CMA. Willie opened the get together with scripture and prayer.
    “Bikers of today are quite different from those in the past with which we associate today’s bikers” he said.
    “Yes, there still are those that are “naughty at times”, but most are well behaved and enjoy their ride.”
    The second page in the Biker’s Bible, “Hope for the Highway”, describes this as a “Freedom, no other word describes what it feels like to ride straight towards the horizon. With the wind in your face and your leathers on, your external and internal turmoil pales in comparison. LIFE MAKES SENSE NOW.”
    You will most probably find members of the CMA at all motorbike rallies, a gazebo with hot beverages, for those after the night before revelries and now longing for a “reg maker”. One of the most important entities, after the hot drinks at the CMA gazebo is the “Hope for the Highway”.
    This unique Bible encompasses the new Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. It moreover contains and bear witness to the unexplainable ways with which the Lord chanced a biker’s life forever.
    “Yes, he said there are those that listen, take a Hope for the Highway and disappear. But there are exceptions, those who do listen, take to heart the small inspiration from the CMA member.”
    The size of the Hope for the Highway is so designed that it fits into a saddle bag, shirt pocket, jacket pocket and the likes.
    René Changuion, President CMA South Africa, wrote: “This Bible will help you find the ride from here to eternity. It contains true-life stories of people who through their journey in life found new purpose for riding…” – Aart Reedijk.

    Veterans’ Breakfast