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Saturday, September 19, 2020
16.1 C

    Accidents wreak havoc over the weekend

    A veldfire was started as a result of the accident and quickly extinguished by various teams.

    In a strange turn of events that is still not clear, a VW Polo veered off the road on the P185 near Unicor Dam next to Evander and drove down the embankment near Unicor Dam on Friday, 9 August. The embankment is very steep and high.
    The vehicle crashed into a huge rock at the bottom of the embankment ripping off the roof of the vehicle. The four occupants of the VW were ejected from the vehicle and were scattered across the scene.
    Two occupants were killed instantly and injuring two others. The injured suffered light to mild injuries.
    The VW Polo that appeared to be brand new was completely destroyed in the accident.
    A veldfire was started as a result of the accident and quickly extinguished by various teams.
    August 10 was another horrific day for travellers on the R546. The R546 is notoriously dangerous to travel on, especially during pay weekends and at night. On Saturday night an accident occurred on the R546 just past eMba towards Charl Cilliers. The accident occurred at approximately 19H45. The driver of a BMW rammed into the side of an Opel Corsa. It is alleged that the BMW was travelling towards Charl Cilliers when the Corsa approached them from Charl Cilliers. There were a few cars travelling together. The driver of the Corsa suddenly lost control of his vehicle, swerving all over the road.
    The driver of the BMW said that he saw the car losing control and he reduced his speed, unfortunately, he collided with the side of the Corsa, crushing the side of the Corsa.
    Two occupants of the Corsa were killed on impact and a further passenger was injured. It appeared that the patient suffered serious injuries.

    Accidents wreak havoc over the weekend