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Friday, September 25, 2020
16.1 C

    Dirkie Arnold’s unfortunate death may forever be a mystery

    The outcome of the autopsy hangs like a sword above the whole incident as the death certificate repudiates every claim of an assault.

    In a week of mudslinging, suspense and finger pointing, it emerged that according to the initial death certificate, Dirkie’s death had been ruled as being due to natural causes.
    This report has been met with disbelief by several people. There was clearly something wrong with Dirkie during the period between Thursday to Saturday last week. Several people commented on his appearance, stating that he had been brutally beaten.
    On Thursday night he visited a filling station in Secunda claiming that he had been beaten by balaclava clad men. Dirkie’s compatriots also claimed that an assault had taken place. A few names were forwarded to The Bulletin that have now been handed to the police. Vehicles were identified that had transported the villains.
    The police report confirmed that Dirkie was taken to the Secunda police in a trolley on Friday by his friends asking for assistance in calling an ambulance. At the time of receiving the Police statement (3 June 09H26) no assault case had been opened.
    The Afriforum Regional coordinator as well as the CPF chairperson distanced their organisations from the incident.
    It is clear, however, that there is something amiss. Both the CPF and Afriforum have agreed on talks with the Bulletin as the death of Dirkie clearly highlighted areas that need to be investigated, especially after all the comments have been taken into consideration. This does not mean that anybody in these organisations is involved at this stage nor is it intended to point fingers.
    It is clear from the week’s comments on Facebook as well as personal interactions with several people, especially the victims, that there is a group of people that make it their task to harass and assault these homeless, beggars and so-called druggies on a regular basis.
    The outcome of the autopsy hangs like a sword above the whole incident as the death certificate repudiates every claim of an assault. The Bulletin learned from a very reliable source that there were no visible signs of injuries on Dirkie’s body.
    So where did the claims of assault come from?
    The results of the autopsy will only be available in a few days’ time. It is also unclear how the SAPS are treating the case. The Bulletin has learned that, although the initial cause of death, as indicated on the death certificate, is shown as natural causes it might still be treated as a homicide.
    In the Bulletin’s previous article, the Bulletin made it clear that vigilantes might have infiltrated some organisations. The whole incident made a lot of people nervous with some people arguing with the Bulletin about the innocence of individuals and groups even before the article was published.
    Mob justice does not have a place in society. Some may argue that our justice system is failing. One wrong does not make the next one right. The community must rely on the investigating officers to do their investigation without allegations and distractions. Once this is done and foul play has been established, then the judicial system must take its course.
    There is one thing that we must understand. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty. This includes not only the so-called druggies, but also the alleged vigilantes.
    Let us hope for a swift outcome and conclusion in this case. – Encee van Huyssteen

    Dirkie Arnold’s unfortunate death may forever be a mystery