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Monday, September 28, 2020
16.1 C

    An armed robbery horror story

    She looked out of the window at her husband and a terrible feeling crept through her body.

    Crime has been increasing in the TEKS area lately. On Thursday morning, 6 June, a couple was held up in their home after 4 suspects came to the husband and wife’s home business posing as a wedding couple, mother of the bride and friend. This was just a pretext to gain access to the house.
    On Wednesday afternoon, 5 June, the 4 suspects arrived at the victims’ home business. The wife was not home at that time and they were asked to come back the next morning before 11H00. The four arrived just after 8H00 for their “wedding consultation.”
    When they arrived, nothing peculiar was detected as they were talking and looking around in the storeroom at the different decorations, which colours they would like and ideas for their supposed wedding. When the wife was in the storeroom, something told her to write down the number plate of the car of the suspects.
    The suspects mentioned that they did not have a venue as of yet and the husband phoned around to enquire if there would be an availability at certain venues the business knows about and works with. The wife also took them into the office to show some other venue options to the couple on her laptop. The couple, posing as customers, were inside the office with the mother of the bride and the other gentleman stood outside with her husband. She looked out of the window at her husband and a terrible feeling crept through her body.
    Her husband and the man came back inside. They were all still talking when all of a sudden, she was staring down the barrel of a gun!
    Even though the wife always wears the alarm remote around her neck, it was of no use that day. The remote was pulled from her neck and her husband was thrown to the floor by the other gentleman. This gentleman jumped on the husband and tied him up.
    The wife was grabbed and told to go to the bedroom. Her thoughts were running wild, not knowing what was going to happen next. She was tied up in the bedroom. Her husband was brought to the bedroom too and his feet were tied up, tape was put over his mouth and while he was lying on the floor, their matrass was thrown on top of him.
    The suspects asked for specific items and the wife complied with their wishes, told them what they wanted to know and kept looking down as she was instructed. The house was ransacked for valuables. When the wife told the suspects they could take the car keys, she received an unsuspected answer. She was told that they did not need to take her car and that they could go to VW now and buy a Golf cash.
    When things quietened down, the wife looked up only to look straight into one of the suspect’s eyes. After some time, her husband started to moan when he heard a car door. The wife could get the tape off her mouth and told her husband that her car keys with the alarm remote was on the dressing table. Some or other way the husband wiggled out from underneath the matrass and made his way to the remote to press the panic button. The wife then opened the curtains in the bedroom with her mouth so that when the security company arrived, they could see them tied up in the bedroom.
    But to no avail… the alarm sounded, was switched off, the alarm was sounded again and again was switched off. This continued for approximately half an hour and no one bothered to respond.
    The wife was lucky enough to have had two of her fingers bent when they tied her up and that assisted her in getting her hand out of the tape. Once she freed herself, she ran outside to see if it was safe and if her neighbour was home.
    She ran back inside to cut her husband loose. At that moment her sister phoned and said she was on her way and was informed of what had happened. Luckily, the sister drove past one of the security company’s vehicles, stopped and gave them an earful. Only then did the vehicle respond. On his arrival the police were contacted.
    The couple sat and joked that it felt like all the cops were at their house and no one at the station. They also said that their response was incredibly quick and once on scene, they worked extremely efficiently.
    What saved the couple in this instance, was the fact that they remained calm and complied with the orders they were given. The husband walked away with a few stitches on his shoulder from where he was stabbed and the wife with sore ribs where she was kicked.
    The couple would like to stay anonymous, but would like to warn other business owners who run a business from home to please practice extra caution and be vigilant of who they invite in because this incident was not the suspects’ first and they were extremely well oiled in their roles. – Ané Prinsloo

    An armed robbery horror story