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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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    Lebohang sewer crisis

    The Bulletin visited Lebohang on Thursday, 16 May, to experience first-hand the pollution and chaos that surrounds the current sewer system.

    Utter chaos is most probably the most suitable description of the sewer reticulation network in Lebohang in Leandra. This includes the upgrading of the Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW).
    The Bulletin visited Lebohang on Thursday, 16 May, to experience first-hand the pollution and chaos that surrounds the current sewer system.
    The WWTW have not been functional for a number of years and raw sewage has been allowed to run into the river system, polluting the Vaal River and subsequently the drinking water of Govan Mbeki Municipality residents. The Bulletin learned that the costs of treating drinking water has risen drastically due to the amount of contamination.
    During the Bulletin’s visit a huge sump lined with PVC sheeting was found in the veld leading to the N17. An extensive network of trenches lined the field. Some of the trenches had pipes in them and others were filled with water and sewage. Some of these pipes were only 300 mm deep!
    Someone that identified himself as a subcontractor stated that he was contracted to do the digging at that particular spot. He claimed that the main contractor had not been paid and that he, as a result, is owed approximately R100 000.00 for his services. According to a source the contractors are angry and demanding their money.
    Govan Mbeki Municipality approved an adjustment budget to finish the contracts in Leandra. The Department of Human Settlement is driving and funding the project.
    Govan Mbeki Municipality operates 6 Waste Water Treatment Works namely Bethal, Evander, eMbalenhle, Kinross, Trichardt and Leandra with 38 sewer pump stations. The waste water quality analysis is performed by Gert Sibande District Municipal Laboratory.
    During the council meeting the GMM held in the council chambers on Thursday, 25 October 2018, the Mayor, T Ngxonono, in her opening statement reported on the finalisation of delivery issues arising from her state of the municipality address at the approval of the budget. She spoke, amongst other issues, about an investment of R 30 million towards the sewer challenges in Leandra and that the contractor is on site attending to emergency spillages and that Sasol and Anglo Gold Mines are refurbishing the sewer outfall line.
    The Leandra WWTW refurbishment was listed at R 10 million in the 2017/2018 Audited Annual Performance Report in the agenda dated 30 April 2019. Surely the numbers just keep adding and still none of the WWTW are functional. The increase from R 10 million to R 12,8 million was done as resolution A84/08/2018.
    “The project should have been finalised a long time ago and still we have to live with all this sewerage,” said DA Cllr Banele Nkabinde, “The project is taking far too long and costing far too much.”
    The whole of Govan Mbeki Municipality has been plagued by sewerage spillages. The municipality seems to be unable to provide any kind of solution to the sewer problems.

    Lebohang sewer crisis