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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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    There is hope for SA

    “Don’t give up hope for South Africa, this country needs us now more than ever before,” Athol said in his final words.

    “Don’t give up hope for South Africa!” These are the words of Athol Trollip, Federal Chairperson of the Democratic Alliance. Athol Trollip is well known within political circles and most probably became a household name when he became the mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. Athol was instrumental in bringing major changes to the municipality before his coalition partners decided to move over to the ANC.
    Athol was the guest speaker at a DA public meeting held at Marietjie School on Friday, 28 April. His speech was closely followed by the people who gathered as he spoke about corruption and how the ANC is trying to capture all state enterprises.
    “If a politician comes to talk to you and he does not talk about unemployment and crime,” Athol said in his opening statement, “then they are not serious. Then they are not worth voting for.”
    “The greatest challenge in this country is that over 10 million people are unemployed and every second young person is unemployed.” Said Athol “and unless we deal with that (unemployment) we will not be able to deal with crime and we would eventually face a revolution and that we don’t want.”
    Athol quoted a report: “South Africa’s decline had been the worst of conflict-free nations in the world. This is due to the Zuma era.” This was from a report by Unomix. The figures are staggering. South Africa declined from position 31 in 2006 to number 88 in 2018 out of 178 countries being measured. He continued: “So if you add conflict to this (of the above-mentioned revolution) it will make the hell that some of the youth is going through at the moment seem like a picnic.
    “This recipe for the revolution that we are faced within SA is a direct legacy of nine wasted years. That is what Cyril Ramaphosa called the Zuma administration. Ace Magashule and DD Mabuza argued with him and said there weren’t (wasted), but let me tell you this: The ten years that DD Mabuza has been the premier of this province (Mpumalanga) are a legacy of ten wasted years, just like Jacob Zuma’s.” Athol said.
    “State capture is by design of the ANC policies, they have a policy in the National Democratic Revolution document, and the objective there is stated in black and white, and it is the ANC’s objective to take over all levers of state.” Said Athol, “this is done through cadre deployment and DD Mabuza is the head of the Cadre Deployment Committee.”
    Athol launched a scathing attack on President Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC lead government highlighting a number of issues that cost the country dearly. “The person (Cyril Ramaphosa) that appointed Brian Molefe to Transnet, who stole it blind, after the Agrizzi and Bosassa exposures, watch what is happening at Transnet. They stole hundreds of billions of Rand. Cyril Ramaphosa then deployed the same Brian Molefe to Eskom.” Athol said in his speech, “Cyril Ramaphosa deployed Dudu Myeni, Jacob Zuma’s girlfriend, to South African Airways and kept her there. Despite the fact that she stole that institution blind and Hlaudi Motsoeneng (SABC 2011-2013) was deployed by Cyril Ramaphosa.”
    The question voters should ask on the 8th of May is: “Is this government looking after me? And the answer is no. So, I would never vote for them.”
    “We have lost our position as the greatest economy in Africa and the ANC must take responsibility for that. It is not as if we are growing and trying to be the greatest economy, we were the greatest economy, the biggest economy and the most successful economy. Now we are second to Nigeria and we are slipping.”
    “The three people that are tasked with South Africa’s economy is Rob Davies, Ebrahim Patel and Pravin Gordan, all ANC members but also communists. In 1989 the Berlin wall came down and the whole world acknowledged that socialism and communism is a failed philosophy but in South Africa, we still want to make it work.
    The ANC said 5 years ago that the economy is going to grow through state lead infrastructure growth, surely if that was the case, we would have built a big dam, bridge or even a university. In twenty years, the government is only busy with two hospitals. In the Western Cape, the DA-led government build 4 hospitals in five years!”
    “The Western Cape under the DA leadership is the only province with a growing economy, the lowest unemployment rate in South Africa, 19% lower than the rest of the country. The DA has created more jobs in the Western Cape than the other eight provinces put together over the last year. Why not use this model throughout the country?” Asked Athol, “What does the ANC do? They send Ace Magashule to Venezuela to learn some best practice. In the most dysfunctional country in the world, that is where the ANC goes to learn.”
    The issue of transactional sex was also discussed in detail. The DA wants transactional sex to be declared a corrupt activity and corruption by administrators and politicians should be punishable with 15 years’ incarceration.
    The hot topic of Eskom was also raised. “Cyril Ramaphosa was appointed as the chairman of a special cabinet committee in 2014 by Jacob Zuma, to sort out Eskom.
    After a year, in June 2015, in parliament, Cyril said: I have been at Eskom for a year and I have seen some great things and you can look forward to great things coming out of Eskom. Two years later Jacob Zuma said that there will never be load shedding again.
    In February this year, during the worst load shedding in the history of South Africa, DD Mabuza said; The reason we are having load shedding is because our economy is growing too fast!”
    Athol Trollip addressed the issue of the other parties targeting the DA. Some of the party posters were discussed. In particular, the FF+ poster that says “Slaan Terug”. He said some people asked with what? One person said “and who do they want to hit back?”
    “Don’t give up hope for South Africa, this country needs us now more than ever before,” Athol said in his final words.

    There is hope for SA