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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
16.1 C

    Battle of the giants

    After inspection by the vet, the horses have a compulsory resting period of 40 minutes.

    Moedverloren farm between Leandra and Kinross was a beehive of activity the past weekend.
    It was that time of the year again. The time when riders and their horses are put to the test. The Battle of the Giants (women) tested every rider and horse to the fullest. This popular endurance race is hosted by Leandra-Horse riding club. There were 138 entries of which were mostly women competing. The distances were 40km and 80km. It is quite a technical race. Horses must be kept in a healthy state and veterinarians are always available to help with any health issues. Horses are cooled down after each leg and their pulse very closely monitored. A pulse of 64 or less should be achieved within half an hour after each leg of the race. The horse is then taken to the veterinarian who will very carefully scrutinise the horses’ condition. After inspection by the vet, the horses have a compulsory resting period of 40 minutes. The novice horses rode on Friday and were restricted to a speed limit of 16km/h. The lady’s winner was Springbok Freda van Zyl. She rode the 80km on her Arabian horse called Vladimir. Vladimir maintained a speed of 40Km/h over the last leg of the race. Freda did the 80km in a time off 3 hours and 50 minutes. There are a lot of regulations regarding the endurance races and clubs are restricted from arranging the races without following the correct procedures. Any races that are run without the proper approvals run the risk of their races being stopped. The Moedverloren farm of Pieter and Amanda Streicher is a very popular venue for the endurance race. “It is an excellent course,” said Freda, “Maybe even one of the best. Pieter did a wonderful job of preparing the course.” There are a few things for the children to do as well. Some children took to fishing in the dam next to the Head Quarters.
    The atmosphere was that of a fete. Enough food was on offer. From a full plate of food consisting of pap, sauce, salad, Boerewors and a steak or tjops to jaffels and pancakes.
    There was excitement in the air.
    There was a Ferrier on duty to look after the hooves of the horses. He travels from Pretoria and will cleanup and treat the horse’s hooves. This is a big family affair. There is place to camp, place for the children and places where one could stroke and help with the horses.

    Battle of the giants