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Monday, September 21, 2020
16.1 C

    AmaGorilla targets illegal drug trade

    The forum decided, this time, to not hand the drugs over to the police, but rather to burn the drugs in front of the police station.

    The community has mixed emotions about the AmaGorilla community forum cleaning up the streets in Evander. The group started with the raids on 29 March, when they found approximately 50 kg of drugs and a cooking laboratory.
    The Bulletin reported on the drug raids in Evander in last week’s edition: ‘This afternoon, 29 March, members of GMM Community Forum from 5 EMbalenhle “AmaGorilla” that were fed up with the drug activities in Evander, decided to take matters into their own hands and marched to alleged drug dealers’ houses. The forum members raided the alleged drug dealers’ houses and uncovered a large amount of contraband. The contraband was handed over to the SAPS.’
    The police released the following to @thebulletinsa: “Anyone with any information about crime should report it directly to the police. No person is allowed to take the law into their own hands.” #thebulletininsa #evander #drugs #GorillaForum #afriforumsecunda
    The AmaGorilla forum continued with the raids in Evander on Thursday, 4 April. The forum decided, this time, to not hand the drugs over to the police, but rather to burn the drugs in front of the police station. The reason why they decided to burn the drugs was because the alleged drug dealers were released and the drugs allegedly disappeared from the police station.
    After the raids on Thursday, 46 members were arrested and had to appear in court on Monday, 8 April. At the court on Friday morning, 5 April, the AmaGorilla forum was outside the Evander Magistrate’s Court protesting and its members told the Bulletin that the family members of the arrested forum members were not allowed to see their families, nor was any reason given as to why not. Monday morning, 8 April, the AmaGorilla forum members came together in front of the court again. This time they were met by a wall of police men and women standing in front of the Evander Magistrate’s Court. The forum members were very calm in their protesting and only sang and danced. When the Bulletin’s Ané Prinsloo arrived and spoke to one of the members, he openly spoke about what had happened: “…the police is corrupt and out to kill me!” He added that the drug dealers were out on the street again and the drugs were missing. He implicated one of the high-ranking police officers as being in the pocket of the drug dealers and said that the police did not have any evidence and that is why they were out to kill him.
    The court case was postponed until Monday, 15 April. The accused members were remanded in custody and accused number 1 complained about police brutality and also about his kids being home alone. The police and social workers were instructed to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the kids. – Ané Prinsloo

    AmaGorilla targets illegal drug trade