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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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    Fuel price increase hits hard

    This new price increase is killing us all. We don’t know what to do

    Motorists are hit hard with a new fuel price increase on Wednesday, 3 April. Energy Minister, Jeff Radebe, has announced the adjustment of fuel prices for April 2019.
    Road users will pay up to R1.34 more per litre for petrol from Wednesday, 3 April, the Energy Department has announced.
    “April is an important month in the fuel price calendar to revise road and pipeline tariffs, as well as fuel and Road Accident Fund (RAF) levies, to be implemented into the price structures of petrol,” the Department of Energy said.
    Their total contribution to the fuel price increase is about 26c/l in Gauteng, while the international factors amounted to about 106c/l on petrol and 56c/l on diesel.
    The Rand also depreciated against the US dollar – from R13.80 to R14.36 – during the period under review.
    “This increased the contribution on the Basic Fuel Price of petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin by between 28c/l and 30c/l,” the department said.
    The price of 95 unleaded goes up by R1.26 per litre at the coast and R1.31 per litre in Gauteng. This brings the new prices to R15.49 per litre and R16.13 per litre respectively.
    The price of 93 unleaded goes up by R1.29 per litre at the coast and R1.34 per litre in Gauteng.
    Diesel 0.05 increases by 76c per litre at the coast and 81c per litre in Gauteng, while illuminating paraffin goes up by 56c per litre at the coast and 63c per litre in Gauteng.
    The previous petrol price hike in January saw an increase of 7c per litre.
    The official fuel price for April 2019 is:
    95 Petrol – R16.13
    93 Petrol – R15.95
    0.05% Diesel (Wholesale) – R14.88
    “This new price increase is killing us all. We don’t know what to do,” an anonymous source told the Bulletin.
    “Due to the increase of petrol most businesses have to retrench staff. The reason is we use generators because loadshedding is coming back. We as business owners cannot increase our prices every month,” says Hennie Rademeyer from Bethal.

    Fuel price increase hits hard