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Sunday, September 20, 2020
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    Rose under pressure again at WWTW

    “We didn’t vote for her."

    Employment of local contractors are not a priority for outside contractors that render services to Govan Mbeki Municipality.
    The Kinross Anti-Unemployment Forum (KAUF) protested in the road leading to Ethokomala at the Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW) on Friday 18 January.
    The ward councillor, Cllr Rose Nkabinde, was accused by the forum of interfering with the hiring of locals. Rose appointed the CLO and the steering committee according to the protestors.
    It is not the first time that allegations have been made against Cllr Nkabinde. In May 2018 the Bulletin reported on protests in Kinross that saw a truck completely destroyed.
    The following is a quote from May 2018:
    Residents took to the streets demanding that she be replaced. “We didn’t vote for her,” said one resident. “Why must she be here?”
    As well as:
    The meeting ended with more frustrated residents and ignited the decision to protest.
    The protests continued throughout Thursday night until late on Friday. Some shops were looted on Friday morning. Police dispersed the protesters.
    On Friday night the Mayoral Committee promised the community that they would hold a meeting with them but did not attend the meeting that they initiated.
    Cllr Nkabinde had been accused of corruption at this time.
    KAUF is also now voicing allegation of corruption and nepotism against Rose and said that Rose promoted her own preferred contractors to the main contractor and that none of them are local.
    During the protests at Kinross WWTW, Rose requested a meeting with KAUF and scheduled it for Sunday 20 January at 09H00.
    KAUF requested the presence of the Bulletin. Upon arrival the Bulletin was told that Rose requested that the MMC Technical, Cllr Dan Nhlapo, should address KAUF and that they should proceed to a nearby tavern.
    KAUF refused and Dan arrived shortly thereafter. The Bulletin introduced Dan as the MMC to which he objected. An argument ensued between the Bulletin’s Editor and MMC Dan Nhlapo.
    KAUF refused to continue with the meeting as Dan did not want to address them.
    What shocked the Bulletin the most is the state of the municipal buildings in Thistle Grove, Kinross. The small hall that was used for the meeting was dilapidated and nearly everything was stolen. There was no proper flooring and all the windowpanes were gone. It showed clear signs of neglect just as most of Kinross does.

    Rose under pressure again at WWTW