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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
16.1 C

    Cable theft in GMM has reached pandemic proportions

    Cable theft in GMM has reached pandemic proportions resulting in serious repercussions.
    The phenomenon of cable theft in the municipality has been going on for a very long time now resulting in serious repercussions.
    Cable theft negatively affects the economic activities of the municipality.
    Cable theft makes GMM unattractive to business investment thereby crippling our potential with respect to economic growth.
    Cable theft is a criminal offence that must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.
    The police should ensure that those responsible for this crime are arrested and put in jail, period.
    What is very disturbing is that this crime is committed by people living in our communities and they also complain, like law-abiding citizens, about electricity outages yet they are the perpetrators of this crime.
    This crime of electricity theft contributes in exacerbating GMM’s electricity challenges thereby fuelling the anger of our people towards the municipality. In order to fight this scourge successfully, the GMM communities should play their civic duties and expose these criminals.
    GMM communities should take a posture that says ‘WE DO NOT BUY ANY STOLEN GOODS INCLUDING ELECTRICITY CABLES’
    If we can all adopt this community posture against cable theft in particular and all crime in general, we can go a long way in defeating criminals in our midst.
    The Office of the Executive Mayor will be embarking on a series of programs this year and the Anti-Crime Campaign will form part of these activities.
    The cable theft crime will be highlighted as one of the crimes affecting the economic development and growth of this municipality because it scares and discourages investors.
    Benzi Ka-Soko, Chief of Staff, GMM.

    Cable theft in GMM has reached pandemic proportions