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Friday, September 18, 2020
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    Taxi violence erupts!

    The court order was not accepted by Vukanini Taxi Association.

    Taxi violence erupted on Tuesday when rival taxi factions clashed over a territory dispute.
    The Zamokuhle Taxi Association from Leslie recently obtained a court order allowing them to transport people from Secunda to Leandra. The court order was not accepted by Vukanini Taxi Association.
    On Tuesday, 4 December, Vukanini (Vukta) Taxi Association decided, in a show of force, that they are not in agreement with the order and blockaded streets in the Secunda CBD.
    Unfortunately, a taxi from the Zamokuhle Taxi Association was caught in the traffic jam and was set alight in the parking area across from the theatre. There was a large police presence but the violence did not escalate any further. The Taxi was totally destroyed in the fire. GMM Fire department extinguished the fire.
    The Bulletin received word that Vukanini Taxi Association will be moving to Leandra in confrontation. It also became apparent that Zamokuhle Taxi Association, in retaliation to Vukta’s burning of one of their taxi’s, wanted to burn a Vukta Taxi in Leslie. When the Bulletin arrived in Leandra, action had already been taken and a Vukta taxi had been set alight in the main street in front of the police station.
    Taxis from Vukta arrived a few minutes later and everybody on the streets started to scatter to get out of the way. The taxis blocked off the main intersection just to move into Lebohang.
    In Lebohang they gathered for a few minutes before moving back to Secunda.
    In the mayhem a truck driver panicked and tried to move out of the way and damaged a Police vehicle.
    The Vukanini Taxi Association will strike on Tuesday, 11 December 2018, to voice their disapproval of the court order.

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    Taxi violence erupts!