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Saturday, September 26, 2020
16.1 C

    Dominator’s Den struck but not down

    " This is an unforgiving sport and the smallest mistake can cost you dearly.”

    Friday, 7 December, the day all MMA fighters had been waiting for arrived and everyone was mentally and physically prepared. Everyone was getting ready for the big event of the night: Fightstar 37. Alas the time had come but wait… The cage the fighters had to fight in had not yet arrived! Unfortunately, the cage equipment was held up at customs. This little setback did not deter any of the fighters or the organisers. It was agreed that the battles would commence the next morning, Saturday, 8 December, at 09:00. When the first ever Brave Combat Federation kicked off, the fighters from Secunda’s Dominator’s Den did nothing but impress in the first ever international MMA event in South Africa. They went to represent not only themselves but also Secunda and they did brilliantly! The bouts kicked off and the atmosphere was thick with anticipation as each of the fighters entered the cage. They were ready to rumble and show off their steel, skill and training. They had been preparing for this for a long time. Stefan “The Bezerker” Diedericks kicked off for the Secunda boys in a three-round war with Christopher Matukane. In these three rounds, Stefan dominated and came out victorious! The bar was set and Stefan achieved what he had set out to do. Vince “His Majesty” Nkosi graced Chukwuma Okoli with his presence in the cage and stood his ground, but through a unanimous decision once again by the judges, Chukwuma was the victor in this three-round bout. Smit “Malboer” Steyn was hard on his opponent, Peace Nguphane. With a split decision from the judges, Peace walked out victorious. Even though Peace won the bout, Smit did not make it easy for him. The international cards were next and Paul “Piksteel” Ronge stepped into the cage first. Paul fought out of his weight division taking on a huge Francois “The Business” Meyer. The strength advantage Francois had was clear but that did not deter Paul, nor did it intimidate him at any point. Paul fought bravely but succumbed to an Anaconda choke in the first round. Paul might not have been victorious but he kept his title as Featherweight Champion and is looking forward to defending this title early next year. Cedric “The Dominator” Doyle did exactly what his name says… Dominated! Gareth Buirski was struck down and kicked down, but unfortunately, Cedric received a shocker of a left hook on the chin and shot into him reactively to take down his opponent. Before he could react, he found himself in a guillotine choke and was forced to tap or say good night. Cedric said: “I feel that there was a protective hand over all of us that day and night. What happened, happened and was destined to happen. These losses normally pull a team apart, but we came back stronger and closer than ever. We shall bounce back from this! We would like to thank the whole of Secunda who backed us and never stopped believing in us! We take our losses on the chin like champs and do not shy away from defeat!!! This is an unforgiving sport and the smallest mistake can cost you dearly.” – Ané Prinsloo

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    Dominator’s Den struck but not down