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Friday, September 25, 2020
16.1 C

    Support the food box project and make a difference

    Abused children, underprivileged, squatter camps, the destitute living on the bare minimum to keep them barely alive, those where all hope has disappeared out of their eyes, the soul. Yes, we have heard it all before, a pennyworth from a chorus of voices, ad nauseam. We can, must and it is certain that the onus is on us to prove the choir of doomsayers wrong? Merely abetting one or two institutions with merit? Using one’s optimum resources, for the unreserved benefit of the needy. “Foodbank Project” is a small tiny effort in a sea of the downtrodden requiring aid. Philip Luwes and Sonya Buitendach from Westvaal Motors and the Bulletin recognised this excessive necessity and need to provide their resources to assist two worthwhile groups of children. Namely Trichardt Primary School’s boarding house and Janelle House in Evander. Westvaal Motors and the Bulletin are assisted by the South African Defence Force Association which veterans are using their knowledge and networking to make a difference as per the creed “veterans changing the future”. Use this worthwhile cause’s opportunity to challenge one another in the collection of non-perishable food. The company or NPO who collect the fullest boxes will each win advertising space in the Bulletin. Please contact Elmarie (082 461 3821) – Mariëte (083 476 2860) or the Bulletin Office to obtain your free containers for the challenge.


    Support the food box project and make a difference