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Monday, September 21, 2020
16.1 C

    Rally Guys Topsy-Turvy WRX Visit

    AC Potgieter finished fourth in his first rallycross event.

    Saturday afternoon saw ten current rally cars lined up for a special 2018 SARC rallycross series. Most competitors returned after competing in the 2017 race, but new to the line-up this year was AC Potgieter, fresh from his runner-up finish in the SARC. The day got off to a dramatic start in the practice session when Chris Coertse rolled his Mazda 2, both car and driver were unharmed and still took part in the qualifying laps. And it was Clint Weston (Citroën C2) who took the chequered flag in the first race with George Smallberger and Paulus Franken (both VW Polo) in second and third. The second qualifying result was a repeat of the first race with Weston, Smallberger and Franken just over two seconds apart. But the drama from the R2N cars, however, didn’t end there. Thilo Himmel clipped a tyre barrier and rolled his VW Polo four times; meaning the race was red flagged while Himmel was extracted from the wreck and whisked to hospital for a check-up. The rally competitors, more used to dirt than tarmac, found themselves all at sea on day two. More drama in qualifying whittled down their numbers. AC Potgieter rolled in Q4 on the joker lap, he ended up back on the wheels and still managed to limp to the end. In Q4 Pierre van den Berg (VW Polo) clipped a curb which sent him into a roll, he was fortunate to also land back on his wheels, however, he was unable to continue. In the end, Clint Weston emerged as the winner after another flawless run, winning all the qualifying rounds. Paulus Franken finished the event in second with George Smallberger in third. AC Potgieter finished fourth in his first rallycross event. Megan Verlaque and Rickus Schmidt finished fifth and sixth respectively. – Dave Ledbetter

    Rally Guys Topsy-Turvy WRX Visit