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Monday, September 21, 2020
16.1 C

    Most gruesome murder

    The police are investigating all leads but still have not made any arrests.

    Sunday morning saw the discovery of a most gruesome murder in Thistle Grove, Kinross. The body of Samuel Mkhonza was discovered by his wife at 05H45 in the kitchen area. His decapitated body was lying in a pool of blood. The scene was so gruesome that some police officers were in shock after witnessing the scene. According to our sources, no one heard anything during the night, only to discover the body early in the morning. The deceased’s wife and youngest son were in the house when the police arrived. The eldest son’s whereabouts are not yet determined. The police suspect that domestic violence played a large role in the murder. The police are investigating all leads but still have not made any arrests. SAPS Forensic Services were on the scene when the Bulletin arrived, fine combing the crime scene. The list of gruesome incidents does not stop there, on Wednesday a young girl was found murdered in eMbalenhle. On Wednesday, 7 November at 19: 45, Mr Dladla went to the Police station to report his missing daughter, Mihle Zingamo, 14 years of age. According to Mr Dladla, Mihle left home and accompanied her older sister to the salon. Mihle left her older sister in the salon and told her sister that she was going back home because she was hungry. According to Mr Dladla the victim never arrived home. Her cell phone was not with her as she left it at home. A Joint Operation Centre (JOC) was established and activated. A search was conducted with the community members of EXT 15 and EXT 17 in eMbalenhle as well as sector forums. At about 21:55, unfortunately, the missing girl was found at EXT 17 in the street. Tied to her legs and hands were black plastic bags. There was blood on her nose. The search was called off and all role players were summoned to the scene, a case docket of MURDER was opened. The modus operandi is similar to that of the 11-year-old girl that was found murdered in May when she went missing and was found murdered in eMbalenhle. According to our sources, there is also another similar case 6 months prior to the 11-year-old girl’s case. The Bulletin received a call on Sunday night that mob justice was about to take place in EXT 17 in eMbalenhle.
    Upon arrival, the Bulletin found a group of people in the street stopping cars and taxis. The quick action of the eMbalenhle SAPS saved a man from being assaulted by this mob in eMbalenhle. Angry residents suspected a man of the death of the 14-year-old girl, Mihle Zingamo. They dragged him into the street and according to a number of Facebook users the man confessed to murdering the girl and at least one other person. One Facebook user states that tights and shoes were found in the house of the accused. There are even accusations that the man allegedly said that he will come for each and every one of them (the Mob). After the Police rescued the accused, the crowd continued to the man’s house and set it alight. It was completely destroyed in the fire. The man is currently being held at eMbalenhle police station for his own safety and further investigation. The crime situation in eMbalenhle is under pressure at the moment with an escalation in violent crimes. The residents are very upset and blame the police for the escalating crime in the township and want to take matters into their own hands.

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    Most gruesome murder