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Saturday, September 26, 2020
16.1 C

    This is for you Aletta

    “I have Lung Cancer but am not suffering”

    Fit City prepared a fitting tribute to Aletta Coertze and dedicated their Warrior participation to her.
    Aletta was 54 years old and had three kids when she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. The cancer was not as a result of smoking but genetic.
    The plan was that Aletta would sit under the Fit City gazebo cheering for her team. This was sadly not to be. Alette passed away two weeks before the Warrior race. (When asked how she felt she used to say she felt with her hands and would then laugh.)
    She wanted to work rather than just sit around. She was planning to wear her own Warrior race shirt.
    Fit City made their emblem a white ribbon that represented lung cancer and the words “Aletta this is for you”.
    “It was a sad moment when we started the race without her and we all had a tear in our eyes,” said Emily Erasmus
    Aletta lived 14 months with the cancer after the doctors said that she only had six weeks to live.
    “I have Lung Cancer but am not suffering” Aletta always said. Sadly, the race went by far too quickly.
    She was one who we all loved but unfortunately, she ran out of breath!
    This one’s for You!

    This is for you Aletta