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Saturday, September 19, 2020
16.1 C

    Afriforum erect Stop signs at Flicker Robot

    “We decided to put safety first,”

    Afriforum erected STOP signs on the traffic lights at the entrance to Secunda on Saturday. “We decided to put safety first,” said Jan du Plessis, Chairman of Afriforum (Secunda) “Driving schools teach learners that a dysfunctional traffic light should be treated as a STOP but we don’t do it.”
    Afriforum received numerous requests for help. “GMM has no interest in rectifying the situation,” says Jan, “Safety is not a priority for GMM”
    Jan further said that “our traffic department, as well as our law enforcers, only exist on their payslips. When there are accidents no one of the traffic department from GMM will show up. But it is not only the municipal traffic department. The provincial traffic officers also shine in their absence.”
    “Not only is the traffic department not responding, other areas are also disappointing the residents and they include potholes in the streets, streetlights that are not working, sewer system that is continually overflowing and water leaks are a daily occurrence,” says Jan, “To fix the problems sometimes takes months!”
    “The regular problem is the one of power supply. Transformers and substations break down on a regular basis. Maintenance is not done and that impacts on the cost of emergency repairs. Even the municipal vehicles and equipment are used until it breaks down before proper repairs are done!” said Jan.
    Afriforum has been very active over the past year with repairs to the infrastructure.
    The community would like to thank the members of Afriforum for their continual support regulating traffic at accident scenes, cleaning the cemetery and the other very important work that they do.
    Putting up a few stop signs is just a small section of their commitment to the residents of GMM.

    Afriforum erect Stop signs at Flicker Robot