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Saturday, September 19, 2020
16.1 C

    Lake Umuzi Rally is here

    Come and support all the local drivers in the rally.

    The Lake Umuzi Rally, as well as the Ermelo rally, could decide the championship. Driver Guy Botterill and navigator Simon Vacy-Lyle are the current championship leaders. Close on their heels is driver AC Potgieter and navigator Nico Swartz. They are followed by driver Richard Leeke and navigator Henry KÖhne.
    “I need to win well and Guy needs to make a mistake,” said AC Potgieter “to stand a chance to take the championship.”
    There are a number of local drivers that also participate in the rally.
    Come and support all the local drivers in the rally.
    The special stages at the van der Merwe farms will be very fast stages. One of the stages will see two cars competing head to head with vehicles crossing in the middle.
    There is a small bridge that always propels the faster drivers into the air. This is very popular with spectators and photographers.
    There is also a lot of dust that creates spectacular turns with dust being propelled into the air.
    The stage at TW Stene is traditionally run partly in a quarry. Over the past few years, it proved to be the Achilles heel for some drivers as the water section caused some vehicles to stall.
    It is a very popular spot for spectators as people can sit high and have a very long view of the stage.
    The R2 class is a very fast class with all the cars competing with 1600 (cm3) engines.
    The open class is more difficult where drivers compete with different engine sizes. 1600’s compete against 1-litre engines.
    This year’s rally is building up to be a humdinger.
    Get your chairs, pack your cooler bags, buy the ice and get to the rally. It is not to be missed!
    Scrutineering will take place at Eastvaal Ford on Thursday night. Come and meet the teams and view the cars. It is always a great night! See you there!


    Lake Umuzi Rally is here