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Saturday, September 26, 2020
16.1 C

    Fightstar 36 at Graceland, 20 October

    Keep pushing and you’ll reach your goal or rather, I’ll reach mine.

    Fightstar 36 will be hosted at Graceland on Saturday 20 October 2018! This will be an event not to be missed and tickets will be sold out early.
    The Bulletin was appointed as the official media partner for the event and Roman alarms will provide security at the event. The arena at Graceland will be buzzing as the fighters tackle their opponents.
    Ané Prinsloo, The Bulletin’s reporter, has started with the rigorous program to prepare for a fight and has been keeping a diary. Ané will be bringing our readers regular updates. Videos of her training will be airing, from this week, on our Facebook page as well as the Fightstar pages. Ané will not participate in any fights but will endeavour to bring the hardships, comradery, friendships and sweat as the fighters prepare for their fights. Here is the first excerpt from her diary.
    The day I dreaded has arrived. At 18:15 I arrive at Dominator’s Den Gym. I get greeted by Paul “Piksteel” Ronge. When Cedric “The Dominator” Doyle arrives, the fun starts. Paul warms me up while Cedric gets the gloves and pads ready.
    Ready, set and stand up. That is how Cedric explains how you should stand with your feet. Protect your head with your hands and make sure you can still see your opponent. Never stand still, always keep moving.
    The hitting starts: left jab, right jab. Stop! I forgot to breathe while punching. Cedric explains that if I don’t breathe, I am going to tire out too soon. Let’s go again! One punch, two punches, keep moving. Jab, punch, duck, punch, knee and kick!
    With all this punching and kicking, the gloves graze Cedric now and again. When telling me to kick the pads, I kick him on the other side. With an embarrassed look on my face and nonstop giggling, we continue and finish a few more spars.
    I am more unfit than I thought! What did I get myself into?!
    Lesson 2! I am at Dominator’s Den at 18:20. The night starts off with my first video interview with Paul “Piksteel” Ronge and he also leads the warm up. It is my official first class with all the boys!
    We keep jogging, high knees, kickbacks, punches and sideways. It doesn’t want to stop. We keep going around the gym and all I want to do is fall down and die of exhaustion, but I push myself. It is amazing what mind over matter can make you achieve. Even though my body wanted to fall over and lie like a sack of potatoes, I keep going and keeping up.
    After the warm-up and stretches, coach Cedric “The Dominator” Doyle and assistant coach Piksteel show the class some drills. I get paired with Piksteel and the two of us practice the drills. It is not as easy as it looks and you’re not allowed to go for the private parts, which is the first defence any woman learns! There goes that idea!
    I must ‘sex his leg’ – lift his leg up with mine while I have to pin him against the wall, use my head to pin his head down against the wall and get my arm around his waist to grab his opposite hip. That is when I pull his legs apart, grab his ankle at the Achilles heel, lift him up and once he falls down,
    I must pin him to the ground.
    After every few minutes coach Cedric and Piksteel explain something new to the class and we practice it. It starts out to be so much fun, but after a while, I lose concentration because I am not as fit or rather not fit at all, but I push through until the end of the class.
    I had so much fun and got my first carpet burn! Well worth it!
    On a Friday night you’d expect people to be out and about, but not us. With the 20th of October creeping up, the training intensifies. The guys are so focused and helpful and that pushes me to learn more and faster.
    A lot of the training tonight is individual in a group and then the guys spar against each other. I didn’t have much to do, but enjoyed the smell of commitment and the passion that the guys exude. It is truly inspiring… and then I have to walk or jog and I feel the pain and burn without even a thank you! But never give up, keep pushing and you’ll reach your goal or rather, I’ll reach mine.

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    Fightstar 36 at Graceland, 20 October