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Saturday, September 19, 2020
16.1 C

    Speed Rally at Umuzi Week of Festivals

    The Speed Rally is the brainchild of the Secunda Flying Club committee.

    For two years in a row, the Secunda Flying Club hosted Air Navigation Rallies. This year will be different and the club will be hosting a Speed Rally, the first of its kind!
    The Speed Rally is the brainchild of the Secunda Flying Club committee. All rallies are hosted by the South African Powered Flying Association (SAPFA), which is the governing body. The novel speed rally idea had to be approved by the SAPFA committee. SAPFA approved it on the premise that it has never been done before in the country and that it would be a perfect time to do a trial run for this format of the race.
    This novel competition will be the first of its kind and will be held on Saturday, 6 October at the Secunda airfield.
    For a speed rally, the pilot has to fly with a handicap speed. To determine the handicap, the pilot needs to fly with a test pilot in a square at full throttle: North, East, South and West. All pilots fly the same distance and the same square. The handicap is calculated by taking the average speed the aircraft flies in this square and the result of each aircraft’s performance determines its starting time.
    Unlike other rallies, where the pilot and the navigator receive the map in advance, they will only receive the map 20 minutes prior to take-off! Along with the map, the pilot and the navigator will receive a photo of each turning point. There will also be a spot landing competition.
    Entry fee is R1200.00 per aircraft and all aircraft must do a test flight on 4 and 5 October. The race distance will be 120 nautical miles and the pilots will be racing against their own handicaps. As previously mentioned this is a trial run for the 2019 President’s Trophy Air Race. The event is open to spectators and there will also be entertainment for the kids, food and drink. The rally is also part of the Umuzi Week of Festivals. Don’t miss out on this first of its kind event!
    – Ané Prinsloo

    Speed Rally at Umuzi Week of Festivals