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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
16.1 C

    Incredible robbery in Secunda Mall

    “This is a robbery,” the suspect said, “please move to the back.”

    Incredible Connection was robbed on Sunday morning 12 August. Two males entered the shop as customers. They both went to different shop assistants enquiring about cellphones.
    While the shop assistant explained about cellphones, one of the suspects held her hand and pulled her to the Supervisor’s office. The shop assistants then realised that the two men were together and were armed with firearms.
    They entered the supervisor’s office where the suspects demanded the keys to unlock the area where the cellphones are kept. Another three suspects also entered the store at this stage.
    One of the shop assistants was instructed to place cellphones into a black bag. Approximately 30 cellphones, laptops to the estimated value of two hundred thousand rands (R200 000) were taken. No one was injured.
    One customer, that asked to stay anonymous, entered the store and was approached by one of the suspects and held at the elbow. He realised that the suspect was armed. “This is a robbery,” the suspect said, “please move to the back.” The customer refused and pushed towards the door. More of the suspects came and a scuffle ensued during which the customer managed to wriggle himself out of his jacket and shirt in an attempt to escape.
    The customer managed to escape through the door and ran into Trappers next door, shirtless sounding the alarm.
    Trappers’ personnel saw two suspects outside with firearms and ran to the back of the shop, too scared to even close the door. They managed to help the shirtless customer with a shirt while waiting for the police.
    One shop assistant managed to press the panic button but the suspects already made their way through one of the service passages leading to the back of the mall. They had the bag with them that had to be pulled by the weight of the stolen goods.
    According to information that the police received, they used two getaway vehicles, a White Toyota Double Cab and Silver Toyota Corolla
    Roman Alarms, being contracted to Secunda Mall to provide an armed response in need, responded within two minutes. Roman secured the scene and made sure that it was safe before conducting a search of the immediate area to ensure that there were no more robbers. More security firms arrived as well as members of the local CPF and neighbourhood watch. Langamed was also on the scene to assist should there have been any injuries and withdrew to a house call. Other emergency services also arrived on the scene a little later.
    The Bulletin received several calls during the robbery from Mall goers enquiring about the activity in the mall. The Bulletin could not respond immediately as info was not available yet and had to visit the scene.
    Upon arrival, it became clear that the situation was under control and business was back to normal.
    Mall management responded quickly and efficiently to the situation.

    Incredible robbery in Secunda Mall