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Thursday, October 1, 2020
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    Coco rescued in Kroonstad

    The tears just flowed when we saw her after 5 very long months.

    My sisters and I were born about 3 December 2016 in the camp. I was looking very different from the rest of the litter, also the last born and the smallest. And so, my story begins.
    On a warm day in December 2016, a very friendly man came to pick us all up. He put us in a car and off we drove.
    Later we were in a house and were picked up with soft hands, that was stroking us, talking, cleaning and feeding us. It did not quite feel like our mother to us but we were warm, fed and loved.
    Then one day we were again put in a car with a bag specially packed for us with our milk and baby pap and blankets and toys. We later came to learn that these humans have taken us with them to the Cape for a 3 week holiday. There we started to get bigger, play and run and enjoy life.
    We were back home and Charles, my sister and I grew from tiny kittens to teenagers and we celebrated our first birthday as grown-ups of 1 year. One day I was picked up by very strange people and put in a car taken to a house I did not know. This was around Jan 2018. I stayed there for a few weeks but then decided it was time to get out and go home. Luckily, I knew my human friend Nadine and walked to her house sitting in front of the gate. This very nice lady saw me and picked me up and phoned my humans, they were there in a flash to take me home.
    I was not home very long when the same strange people picked me up in front of my home, put me in the car and off we went to a far place that looked like a farm.
    We as Little Paws Big Hearts will never give up and as Coco was a rescue kitten after a dog was bitten and killed her mom we were not about to give up on finding her. Our mission states clearly that we are a right to life organisation and will not leave one animal in need behind.
    And so, our journey starts. The Bulletin newspaper put a photo in on 2018 to help us try and find her. After no response on Facebook and social media, we realised that she might not be in town. We received information in June 2018 that she might be in the vicinity of Kroonstad possible on a plot. Driving back from visiting family in the Western Cape we stopped at the Ultra city hoping for a miracle. While we were driving we saw a man coming out of the workshop, stopped and started enquiring about plots, he then asked us to drive with him as they lived on a plot. He accompanied us while driving around to see if we could see a familiar car or a bakkie. But avail no luck and we came back to Secunda. We kept in contact with these people and they were also asking and looking for Coco. Then one day an angel we know in Secunda Whatsapp us with a possible name of the person who might have taken Coco. We started with serious detective work and then this angel Whatsapp a photo of Coco. We immediately knew that was our Coco Chanel and was even more determined to get her back. One thing led to another and last week all fell into place, with a cell number and a wonderful Detective that assisted us – phone the person about Coco. It was within a minutes after Louis had spoken to the Adjudant Jaco Botha that he phoned us back informing us that he made arrangements for us to go and fetch her. We still could not believe that after all this time we were going to see that beautifully painted face again. So, on Saturday morning we were off driving to Kroonstad to pick up our beloved Coco. The two very helpful law officers drove with us to pick up Coco.

    She immediately recognised us and was taken into our arms. We can say that she was taken good care of and in a good condition although she is a very proud slender young cat.
    According to the law animals are property and when your animals are taken without proper permission the owner is entitled to lay charges and open a case of theft.

    The Bulletin News
    AO Nico de Beer and AO Jaco Botha. They were very helpful in reuniting with Coco

    Coco rescued in Kroonstad