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Friday, September 18, 2020
16.1 C

    Philip working his way up

    Philip Masango, a groundskeeper for 11 years at Laerskool Trichardt, has recently taken on a new role at the school. He is currently balancing the practical aspect of his B.Ed degree with his theoretical studies through UNISA. An aura of positivity surrounds Masango as he pleasantly discusses his work and education, and when he says that teaching is his calling in life, it is not difficult to believe.
    Having studied at a Bible college to become a pastor, Masango has long known that imparting knowledge to others is part of his purpose in life. After completing his Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) in 2016, Masango felt the need and hunger to take his education further. This year, he enrolled at UNISA for a Bachelor of Education, and his journey has propelled into what could only be growth.
    Having recently been assessed by UNISA examiners on his teaching abilities, Masango now teaches English, Social Sciences and Life Orientation to Grade, 4, 5, 6 and 7 learners at Laerskool Trichardt. “I think this is the ideal place for me to be teaching right now,” he said. “I have been here for so many years already, I am fluent in both English and Afrikaans and I love the way that the school functions, they are such great educators.”
    Masango hopes that, even after completing his studies, a permanent place will open up for him at the school.
    “My wife has been really supportive and understanding of the fact that there are serious finances associated with university education,” he said when asked about his family. “We had to sacrifice a lot in the name of saving up for my studies, and she has always been sympathetic to that”. But finances aren’t the only part of Masango’s life that has been strained by his pursuit. “After work, I attend prayer meetings from 17:30 until 19:30. I then go home and help my own children with their school work, and then I have to study until 11pm. I sleep and then wake up at 3am so that I can prepare for work and leave at 5:30am,” he explained. Juggling school, work and a personal life has become Masango’s daily reality. But he seems to be doing it well.
    From 10 May 2018, Masango will write his first semester exams, which he is now fervently bracing himself for. On 29 June, the last day of his exam period, he hopes to put his feet up momentarily for a breather. The upward trajectory of his life lately has left him out of breath, but he’s not complaining. – Rori Rathebe 

    Philip working his way up