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Friday, September 25, 2020
16.1 C

    30 Years of excellence!

    The inside glimmered in true Gatsby fashion with candles and low-lit lights.

    A grand affair! The only way to describe the 30-year celebration of Hydra Arc. Guests dressed up according to the Gatsby era with feathers in the hair, short black dresses and white banded hats were on display. The Durban July could not compete!
    Guests arrived and were greeted with two spectacular old cars and a long black carpet. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres were served as everyone enjoyed a few warming drinks. The night was cold but the spirits not. The lights in the huge Marquee tents were beckoning and soon everyone could enter.
    The inside glimmered in true Gatsby fashion with candles and low-lit lights. The evening started with a quick glimpse of where it all started. Hydra Arc started as a very small company specialising in welding with only two employees. Thirty years later and there is a giant on the hill, Sky Hill! José Maciel started the company as a supplier of specialist welders and welding expertise to Sasol.
    In 1989 José opened its first school on the Kinross premises and in 2002 the José Maciel welding academy was established.
    In 2003 – Breakthrough was made regarding future general overalls of gasifiers at Synfuels with the signing of a contract, one of Hydra Arc’s biggest contracts.
    In 2005 Hydra Arc expanded into MEIP Construction projects and for better service delivery, divisionalised its operations to allow each division to focus on core strengths and develop such strengths further.
    July 2006 – The first phase of this BEE development is completed. The building will feature exclusive offices, the head office of the Hydra Arc group and several other enterprises.
    Hydra Arc’s mission is to become the best in all that we do whilst delivering long-term value to our shareholders and employees.
    Starters were served! Dancers entertained the crowd with swinging dance moves.
    October 2009 – Development on the Sky hill workship complex commenced. By March 2010 Skyhill had secured its first order, the fabrication of a major portion of the steam ducting for the Medupi power station. At the time, Skyhill was a cooperative action between Hydra Arc and Sasol. This was the first time a local company has been appointed to produce pressure vessels of this size. Hydra Arc contributed significantly to the success of this project. Work on the project began in May 2012. The sheer size and quality demanded by the project required Jose’s own tutelage, physically contributing to certain aspects in as far as hands-on commitment was concerned.
    13 February 2013 will go down in the Hydra Arc history books as the date of the successful completion of the first magnanimous pressure vessel project by a local company on SA soil. The bullet delivered was the fifth one, each weighing approximately 485 tons, is 60 m long and has the capacity of 1 642 500 litres.
    Hydra Arc has become a proudly South African specialist in the manufacture of these modern plant modules for the petrochemical industry, which introduces a novel approach to plant design and construction.
    In 2013 Hydra Arc was awarded the International Quality Crown Award in the Gold Category in recognition of the huge strides the company has made this year as a leader, not only in its sector but also within SA.
    Followed by the BID International Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology Award in Frankfurt in 2014.
    And in 2015, the International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality Diamond Eye.
    By 2016, Sky Hill Heavy Engineering was the joint runner-up in the Ferritic Stainless-Steel category of the recent Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association competition.
    That same year, Hydra Arc is awarded the Bizz Award, considered one of the most prestigious business Awards.
    Swing City, an eight-man band entertained the crowds with swing music.
    Speeches by Mohammed, Diane and José were delivered in true Sky Hill fashion. No nonsense and to the point.
    The wonderful evening ended with a firework display that had the crowd cheering.
    Incredible. Over the years the company has gained over 23 international quality awards because of its commitment to deliver only the best results to its clients. Today, the new Mshiniwami Artisan Academy trains 1 000 learners each year. This includes 500 welders, 450 pipe fitters and 50 boilermakers. The success of the training is evident in the fact that 96% of the graduates are currently employed in their trade, with the rest having taken up supervisory positions. Our skilled people are and will remain, the cornerstone of our success.
    The success of Hydra Arc Group as an all-in powerhouse in the South African industrial arena is, without a doubt, the result of years of research, innovation and the commitment to cater to needs of the market.
    What will the next 30 years hold?
    More photo’s and videos can be viewed on the Bulletin Facebook page.

    30 Years of excellence!