Ackermans speaks out after woman falls

The Bulletin Newspaper
Still blue after a week! This customer slipped and fell in front of Ackermans (Bethal)

Bethal Ackermans has apologised to a customer after she recently slipped and fell on their wheelchair ramp.
You can access the store via the stairs or the wheelchair ramp, which has tiles that were replaced by slippery ones. Safety non-slip strips are also worn out.
“People are forever sitting on the stairs, sometimes it’s people sitting there breastfeeding their babies and that is why I used the wheelchair ramp,” the woman, who wants to remain anonymous, said. She slipped and hurt her leg, which is still blue after a week.
“I went to speak to the assistant manager as the manager was not available at that stage. She wasn’t very friendly. I went back another day to speak to the manager, Esther Sebothoma. She was in contradiction very friendly and helpful. She made me fill in forms about the incident,” the woman said.
Esther confirmed that the customer filled in forms and that she sent it to head office for investigation. “I wasn’t aware that people are sitting on the stairs, but when I see them, I will definitely ask them to leave. I will also update everyone involved when the strips and tiles have been fixed,” Esther said.