Violence erupts in Vlakfontein

Two heavily assaulted suspects were lying on the ground near the burnt house when the Bulletin arrived

The Bulletin Newspaper

Violence broke out on Thursday night at the Vlakfontein settlement near Trichardt.
The timeline and sequence of events is still shrouded in chaos as the police investigation is still ongoing. When the Bulletin visited the scene, minutes after the event, it was clear that Mob Justice had played a role in this tragedy.
Unofficial reports indicate the following course of events. Three brothers (as they were identified by witnesses) went to Fatties Tavern at Vlakfontein settlement on the road to Syferfontein mine.
Here an argument erupted and the three brothers (or friends) attacked a 24-year-old male stabbing him to death. Police found the victim with a stab wound to his left chest.
The three suspects (now so referred to) entered a house/shack close to Ebenheazer church. A mob of young men gathered and set the house alight with the three suspects still inside. The three managed to escape the burning house but were severely burnt. When escaping the fire, the three ran into the mob of young men. The mob then started to stone the three emerging from the fire. The mob continued to assault the three. One managed to escape, running al the way to the N17.
Police and emergency personnel arrived on the scene but the Police had to calm the situation first before anything could be done. The fire dept doused the fire. Provincial emergency services had to leave the scene first as they were threatened, only to return later.
Two heavily assaulted suspects were lying on the ground near the burnt house when the Bulletin arrived. They had severe burns and were badly beaten up.
The Provincial ambulance arrived shortly after for a second attempt in providing much needed assistance.
The two were then transported to hospital. One suspect was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.
The other two suspects were admitted to hospital with burn, stab and other wounds. Their condition is not confirmed at time of writing this article.