Evander has serious housebreaking and robbery concern


Evander Police Station is flooded with theft and housebreaking cases and according to Evander Acting Station Commander, Captain Mishack Mhlanga, more people are getting arrested for being in the possession of stolen goods. Criminals target home appliances such as television sets, computers, microwaves and cell phones.
‘Communities should start Neighbourhood Watch and Community Policing Forums (CPF). Police cannot fight this crime wave alone, but when we work together we can prosper,’ he said.
Evander Police cautioned the public about leaving houses unattended during the holidays and appealed to residents to be more aware of crime prevention measures at all times during the day and night.
“If home owners are going away, they must ensure they get someone to look after their property. When the house is left unattended, it provides criminals with the opportunity to break into houses and get away with belongings uninterrupted.”
Tips to help prevent or limit house breaking and theft:
• Don’t leave outside lights on the whole day.
• Avoid leaving gates to property or garage doors open.
• Don’t leave your tools or valuables within easy reach of the prospective burglar.
• Know all your emergency numbers.
• Never leave keys in the locks or at the door.
• Close curtains after dark.
• Inform the police of any suspicious people.