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Monday, September 21, 2020
16.1 C

    Sasol donates to CPF

    “Safety is one of our top priorities and one of Sasol’s values” says Maureen Mboshane, General Manager: Sasol Secunda Corporate Affairs, “if not the top value”.
    Sasol took hands in supporting the local Community Policing Forums by handing over 600 reflective bibs, as well as 300 LED torches.
    Maureen explained to the Bulletin that Sasol is concerned about the effectiveness of the CPF but realises that the lack of resources can hamper the CPF in their work. Therefore the need to make sure that the lack of resources is addressed.
    “The safety of Sasol’s employees and the communities where they live as well as communities close to Sasol operations are a big concern to Sasol” says Maureen, “Sasol is not in the policing business, therefore the support to our Police and CPF.”
    On the issue of a perceived upsurge in crime Maureen said that they assist by providing visible security services. They are identified by a lot of red in their uniforms. “We call them the Red Ants” laughed Maureen. They are patrolling some streets to ensure that the children can go to school in a safe environment for example.
    The large fenced off green area around the dams in Secunda is a prime example of this as crime is nearly non-existent in that area. Working close with crime intelligence agencies, high risk areas are identified and security deployed there.
    Sasol is not only providing security in certain areas, but is also providing Point Duty Officers to assist the community in negating the traffic during peak hours.
    Sasol was also involved with the fencing of the town to try and curb the random access into town. “The maintenance seems to be a problem as thieves will find opportunities to break the fence” says Maureen, “but hopefully this initiative of us (Sasol) will give an opportunity to repair the fence and catch some of the thieves.”
    Nathi Khumalo, Secretary of the CPF, says that they are very pleased with the donation and help of Sasol. “The more visible we are” says Nathi, “the more the community will see what we do and work with us”
    Nathi spoke to the Bulletin. See the short video on our web page.

    Sasol donates to CPF