Hein Barnard court case – Protesters, wild accusations and threats

It was obvious that not everyone was local and some clearly didn’t even know what they were protesting for.


SANCO/ANC protesters stormed court doors and threw around wild accusations and threats towards Hein Barnard at Bethal Magistrate Court on Wednesday, 14 February.
Hein appeared in Bethal Regional Court, accused of being the mastermind behind a conspiracy to murder a ringleader of squatters that settled on his farm near Bethal last year.
*The case was postponed to next month.
The protest started with a small crowd, later growing in attendance and intensity as more protesters arrived with busses. They stormed the court entrance screaming “we want that man, we want him!” hardly noticing his co-accused, Bonginkosi Excellent Mnisi, Dunisani Sambo and Nomalanga Khumalo. Police and court officials had to stand their man to calm a few upset protesters. They were later escorted out of the court yard and the big gates were locked.
Protesters gathered at the gate, preventing Hein from leaving court grounds. A protester said on live video to the Bulletin “we want to send a message that you can’t chase people away from a farm, we will not allow that. People who are killing people have to be in jail. That f****ng white people, they must be arrested. He (Hein) showed us a gun at the gate (This while police is standing by and no evidence of this could be seen when The Bulletin was there). If he wants to shoot us, he can shoot us, we are not scared of guns.”
Hein didn’t leave the grounds and protesters later gave up. Only after a meeting where ringleaders told the crowd they were not organized enough this time round, but next time they want more people there. It was obvious that not everyone was local and some clearly didn’t even know what they were protesting for.
Some protesters told the Bulletin that they also want 30ha of his farm or else…
*This bizarre story has a long history which includes stock theft, a rejected eviction order, poisoned cattle, confusing police reports and conspiracies to commit murder. Read previous articles in the Bulletin dated 17 February 2017. Gwendie Venter

A brief history…

-Hein apparently had problems with stock theft and said that it doesn’t help to open police reports.
-91 of Hein’s cattle, worth approximately R1mil, were poisoned in 2016.
-Hein filed for an eviction order to remove settlers living on his farm. This was rejected by court.
-Police issued a statement that 5 people were arrested for conspiracy to murder Hein.
-One of the arrested told police that Hein hired him to recruit hit men to kill the ringleader of a group of squatters on Hein’s farm.
– Hein was arrested and granted bail of R30 000. The hit men Bonginkosi Excellent Mnisi and Dunisani Sambo were denied bail. Nomalanga Khumalo was granted bail.