McDonald’s and the bloody burger

She also assured us that all meat and eggs are tested every morning before they serve customers.

The Bulletin Newspaper
The bloody burger that was a disappointment for a Secunda family.

Excited and hungry, a Secunda family went to McDonald’s, one of their favourite family restaurants. But excitement soon vanished when the food arrived and Catherine Olivier saw the food that she has been served. “When I opened the container, it was bloody on the inside. I took apart the burger and the bun was also full of blood,” Catherine said.
She called the manager who apparently ripped her burger apart and said “look our burgers are not bleeding.” Catherine took the burger to the table to show her husband, Andries. When she took a photo, the manager apparently rushed to the table to remove the food.
When asked, the store manager of McDonald’s, Clara Mokwena, invited The Bulletin to walk through their kitchen to show us how their food is prepared, cooked and tested daily.
She said that this never happened before and cooking time for a patty is between 39 and 71 sec. She also assured us that all meat and eggs are tested every morning before they serve customers.
Clara put us in contact with head office, which responded almost immediately. “I must say, although we are highly disappointed with this incident, the service we received from head office was excellent,” Catherine said.
This restaurant is a favorite of many and caused big commotion on social media, especially after certain other national restaurants were in the media for rumors of food containing human blood. Luckily, it seems like this was an unfortunate and isolated incident containing no human blood.
“As McDonald’s South Africa, we always endeavor to go the extra mile to give our customers a valued experience. We regret any inconvenience caused to our valued customers at our Secunda store. We remain mystified by this alleged incident as the burger was discarded and not preserved to be investigated further for the alleged contaminant. However, a full internal investigation was conducted and we can confirm that no incident relating to an injury to our crew was found. At McDonald’s we adhere to the strictest food quality and safety standards and regard all reported incidents relating to our restaurants as of the utmost importance,” Daniel Padiachy, Chief Marketing officer at McDonald’s SA said.
It seems like this was an isolated and very unfortunate event that happened at the Secunda store. The staff, managers and head office was extremely helpful and apologized profusely for the event. Many people still vowed to support the store and said they never had something like this happen before.