Sasol Power Trip

Sasol have launched an investigation into the cause of the power failure.

The Bulletin Newspaper

Secunda residents were worried on Wednesday Jan 24, when the usual Sasol skyline started to resemble a war zone. There was dark smoke billowing from some of the flames. Sirens could also be heard in certain areas of Secunda.
The Bulletin contacted Sasol and received a response from them with a good explanation. They explained that they experienced an electrical power failure at the Sasol East Plant and that the engineers were working to restore power.
Sasol have launched an investigation into the cause of the power failure. Their main focus at that stage was to ensure that all plants decommissioned safely, where after the normal restart sequence will follow.
No emergency related injuries have been reported at this stage.
“Sasol remains committed to the safety of its employees, contractors and the community”, said Alex Anderson Head of Group Media Relations Sasol Limited.
There were a lot of comments on Facebook when the story was first posted, some FB users alleged that Eskom deliberately disconnected the power.
The Bulletin contacted Eskom and they responded as quoted hereafter.
“There was an interruption of power supply on Jan 24, 2018 at 08:23, at the Eastern side of Sasol Operations in Secunda.
The supply was restored to Sasol at 09:00.
The interruption was due to a line trap coupling capacitor failure.
Eskom is committed to making sure that the supply to Sasol’s Secunda Synfuels Operations is normalized by 27 January 2018.
The incident is being investigated and preventative measures and risk mitigation is in place.”