Robbers still on the loose

“If you shout, we will kill you” is all they said to her.

The Bulletin Newspaper

A house robbery took place in the very early hours of January 25.
Situated at the corner of Cambridge and Edinburgh Street, two robbers took the house for an easy rob and jumped over a low fence.
Rose (not her real name) was sleeping in the garden flat with her 6 year old child. She woke up with the robbers shining their cellphone lights at her. “If you shout, we will kill you” is all they said to her.
They initially gained access by opening a small top window. The washing line cord was cut to make a hook that was used to open a larger window. Once this was open the robbers proceeded to break out the burglar bars and entered the garden flat.
A cellphone (Samsung J5), cash, a Samsung TV, Laptop and children’s laptop was taken. The robbers told Rose to stay in the room and to close the door. She later phoned her husband who rushed to the flat. The Police responded very quickly to their call for help but by then the robbers were nowhere to be seen.
The police is still investigating the robbery.