Retha Brooks and Ané Jordaan hosted a demonstration recenty.

Ané Jordaan is a poised 24-year old foodie on the brink of spreading aromas of culinary deliciousness in her beloved hometown.
Born and raised in Trichardt Ané’s passion for cooking was ignited by several influences that have roots even in her childhood.
From her grandmother’s famous pumpkin tart, her auntie’s ‘boere’ rusks and her mother’s delicious hot-pots to her own fantastic creations – she has proven to be able to bring 5 star quality dishes and desserts to the table.
She is known by family and friends for her big heartedness, her deep sense of spirituality and her passion for all things weird and wonderful.
Ané was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012 which came as a massive shock to those who know and love her.
This diagnosis has altered her life in every sense of the word.
Specialist visits, brain scans and medication have become a usual component of her daily life, yet she is battling like a true warrior with prayer and ambition as her weapons of success.
Ané has dibbed and dabbed in several fields, which have all had its own special contribution to her magnificent je ne sais quoi.
These include special effects make-up, cake decorating and chef courses.
The difficulties and set-backs Ané has endured due to the MS, appears to not only encourage her to live life fully and follow her dreams, but her health consciousness is embodied in several of her dishes and snacks as well.
Her beautiful cake decorations and mystical chocolate moulded creations appear to be able to come to life and are reflections of a person who has seen much of the world and wants to squeeze as much from it as she can.
Her dream is to display her delightful foods in her own coffee shop one day.
Ané’s moto in life is: ‘No matter how bad things are it will come to pass.’
Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you.