The state Willlie's room was left in at Evander Hospital.

The Bulletin reported about Willie Brink who was left in his hospital room in Evander Hospital with a pile of paper towels covered in faeces on the floor.
According to Deon Coetzee, Willie’s friend, he was neglected.
A case of assault was opened against Deon after he complained to the nurses and security guards about the condition of the room.
Willie was transferred to Witbank Hospital and is connected to a ventilator.
“I do not understand how his condition worsened like this, he was admitted to hospital with a broken leg” said Deon.
According to Deon Willie has no life function anymore.
He and his wife, Shirley were not able to speak to doctors at Witbank Hospital because the doctors are only available between 10:00 and 11:00 and Deon and Shirley can only visit during the evenings because they work during the day.
In the meantime Deon was summonsed to appear in the Evander Magistrate’s Court on 1 August in connection with the assault case.
According to Evander Police Deon assaulted one of the nurses, but Deon denies it.