The BMW the suspects used in the robbery at MTN in Secunda Mall on Firday, 7 July.

The MTN Shop in Secunda Mall was robbed on Friday, 7 July at about 9:45.
It is alleged that four men walked into the shop and pretended to be customers.
According to Lieutenant Bettina Zondo, spokesman of Secunda Police, one of the suspects went to the manager and told her he wanted to buy a cell phone.
He then held her hand and showed her he had a firearm and that she must keep quiet because a robbery is taking place.
He took the manager to the back of the shop and two of the other suspects joined two shop assistants.
The suspects took 88 Samsungs, five Sony’s and 99 Huwei cell phones of an estimated value of R1 million.
They locked the staff members in the back and ran away.
The mall’s security guards noticed the suspects in a BMW and a white Golf 7.
They gave chase and the police joined them. The BMW got a puncture and one suspect was arrested.
Three suspects are still on the lose while the one suspect appeared in Secunda Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 10 July.