Emily Mholnyane was shot while travelling in a taxi from Secunda to Kinross on Friday, 5 May.

“A miracle!” That is how doctors described the fact that Emily Mhlonyane is still alive.
Emily was shot in the head on Friday, 5 May while she was travelling in a taxi from Secunda to Kinross.
Her doctors only realised four days later that the bullet was still lodged in Emily’s head.
It was eventually then removed.
Emily said on the day of the shooting, the other passengers in the taxi had to ask the taxi driver more than once to slow down and drive more carefully.
“They pleaded with the driver to stop and let them out, but he ignored them and just continued driving.”
According to Emily, the taxi driver also made it impossible for another motorist to overtake the taxi.
Eventually the other motorist drove up next to the taxi.
A heated argument ensued between the motorist and the taxi driver and they were yelling at each other while at the same time, driving their vehicles at high speed.
Emily said the motorist suddenly stopped his vehicle.
“Those of us in the back seat of the taxi were curious why the man had stopped.
“We saw him get a gun from his vehicle and shooting in our direction.
“The taxi driver merely continued driving.”
Emily did not immediately realised that she had been shot.
“I felt something on my head, but thought nothing of it.
“Only when the taxi stopped and I stood up to get out, did I notice the blood.
“Oher passengers said I should lie down while they call for an ambulance.”
Emily lost consciousness then.
She was rushed to Evander Hospital and was later transferred to the Witbank Hospital where the bullet was eventually removed from her head.
According to Emily, she went to Kinross Police Station three times after she was discharged from hospital to give a statement, but every time she was told the investigating officer was not available
The taxi driver and the man who shot Emily, both drove away from the scene.
Policemen at Kinross Police Station said they did obtain a statement from the taxi driver. The gunman was described as a well-built young white man with a moustache.
He was wearing a white shirt and driving a white Ford Kuga with Gauteng registration plates.
The Bulletin contacted Kinross Police and was told they would contact Emily and follow up the case.
Emily now suffers with regular headaches and tired fast.
She also now refuses to travel to Kinross by taxi as she fears for her life.
Emily is a domestic worker in Secunda and because she tires so quickly, she depends on her sister’s help to complete her daily chores.