This fire started near Skyhill and spread to the field behind Extension 22. The fire department were at the scene and controlled the fire.

The local fire department controlled a fire on Sunday (4 June) that ignited near Skyhill and ran all the way to the open field behind Extension 22.
Their main concern was to keep it away from the houses.
One of the firemen said a fire always has two points and they usually focus on fighting the veld fire at the point where it is most critical.
More veld fires and house fires occur in the winter.
Bheki Khubeka, Head of Marketing and Communications at Govan Mbeki Municipality, said people caught starting fires, can be fined with as much as R5 000.
He urged residents not to throw rubbish over their walls into the field or to start fires in their yards in order to burn rubbish.
According to him, the most common cause of house fires is people who forget to turn off their stoves.
“People must also test that their heaters and electrical blankets work properly.
“Check the heater’s wiring before using it and make sure your electrical blanket does not have any tears before using it,” said Bheki.
Oil heaters are safer to use.
Gert Kuun, Chairman of the Highveld East Fire Protection Association (HEFPA) said it is crucial for farmers to make firebreaks.
“It is determined by law.”
Gert said effective firebreaks on your property borders will protect your property and prevent a fire from spreading to neighbouring properties.
Other tips to follow when making a firebreak are:
• Warn your neighbours if you plan to burn firebreaks.
• Plan your firebreaks programme with your neighbours
• Insist on your neighbours presence when firebreaks on boundary belts are being made.
• Ensure that weather conditions are acceptable for burning firebreaks.
• Burn firebreaks early.
• Do not light fires in the open air if you cannot control it.
• Do not leave a fire unguarded before it is properly extinguished
HEFPA has meetings on a regular basis, to join them or for more information, contact Gert at 082 084 6921.