The GPS location where the crime occurred.

The day when Secunda resident André Prinsloo posted an online advertisement to sell his vehicle, he could not even have fathomed this would lead to being extorted and held hostage for an entire day.
André recently used the web service OLX to advertise the vehicle he wanted to sell.
When a potential buyer claiming to hail from Namibia said he did not have transport to come to Secunda, André agreed to drive his vehicle to Vereeniging on Thursday, 18 May to meet with the prospective buyer called George. George made a cash offer to buy the vehicle.
“I met George at a KFC.
“He asked me to drive him a few blocks to where he will meet someone who owes him money,” said André.
“Suddenly a second man climbed into my car and exchanged something with George.
“The two began to argue, where after the man alighted from the back seat.
“George instructed André to drive around for a while.
The second man eventually phoned and told André and George to meet him 10km outside of Vereeniging.
“I wanted to remain in the car, but George insisted I go with because the guy was going to hand over R1.4 million and I must get my R90 000 that he owed me for buying my vehicle,” said André.
As soon as André entered the house, the man placed a brown envelope on the table.
“I assumed it must have been the merchandise they spoke of earlier which I suspect were diamonds.”
André told George he no longer wanted to sell his car and wanted to leave.
“Just as I was getting up to leave, five men stormed into the house.
“One flashed a badge and said they were the police.
“They opened up the brown envelope and they said that it was diamonds inside the envelope.
“They searched me and accused me of being involved in the deal and I said the diamonds were not mine, but they searched me.
“They gave me two options: I can either be arrested and end up in jail for 15 years, or I can pay R50 000 to make the case disappear.
“When I told them that I do not have that kind of money, I was told “all white people have money or family with money.”
The only person André could think of at that time, was his older brother, Corné.
“I was forced to set the phone on speaker phone when I called Corné.
“I could only tell him I had a deal to buy a brand-new car for R50 000 and urgently needed the money.
“I asked him to trust me after which he vowed to deposit the money as soon as he gets off work.
“Corné later told me he realised then something was up.”
While André was waiting for the money, he sat and prayed.
“One of the men asked if I was praying and if I was a born again Christian.
“I said yes and that I was ashamed to be in this situation because I put myself here.”
The gang finally set André free after they received confirmation that the money had been paid into their account.
They also took his wallet.
One of his captors phoned André the following day, enquiring if he arrived sefely home.