Matthys Roets, snake show and more at Oosterland Wieleskou

Matthys Roets, Wheelchair Rally, Oosterland Wieleskou, Secunda, The Bulletin
Matthys Roets will take part in the wheelchair rally this weekend at the Oosterland Wieleskou at Graceland Casino.

A very new addition to the Oosterland Wieleskou this year will be the Adventure Wheelchair rally.
Well-known personality Mathys Roets will join Hoërskool Oosterland in this event.
Not only a well-known singer, but also a wheelchair bound adventurer, he will create awareness for wheel chair users.
Oosterland is inviting normal walking people to get into a wheelchair and do a 500m challenge race that has been designed and approved by Mathys Roets.
He will set the time for the rally and the teams will have to pursue his goal.
A team of four will do a race and obstacle course.
Hoërskool Oosterland will assist with wheelchairs.
The wheelchair challenge will kick off on Friday afternoon at 15:00 and the teams will compete against each other.
Participants or wheel chair users are more than welcome to contact organiser of the Wieleskou 2017, Liné de Vries at 017 631 1091, if you need any information or want to enter the competition. There is still room for a few teams, but they will have to register in advance.
An R1000 entry fee per team is payable and this will be used in a fundraiser to buy a wheelchair to someone in need.
The winning team can hand over the wheel chair on Friday night.
All wheel-chair users are invited to be guests at this event.
Individuals can enter the wheelchair rally on Saturday and see if they can beat Mathys Roets.
This will be an outing not only to enjoy together with wheelchair-users, but get us all to think twice before parking on that yellow disabled parking again.
Other activities happening this weekend at the Oosterland Wieleskou will be drifting, a lego competition, bungee jumping, a strongman competition, a snake show by Oosie Oosthuizen and Nadia Erasmus, as how by the Fire Department, sport stacking and more.
Entry fees are R50 per person and R30 per child.
For more information, contact Liné de Vries at 082 786 0134.