Raging motorist shoots woman in taxi

Passenger suffers head wound as shooter flees


A taxi passenger was shot in the head this afternoon near Kinross in what appears to have been a case of road rage.
An altercation erupted between the taxi driver and another motorist en-route from Secunda towards the four-way crossing at the water reservoirs between Kinross and Trichardt. According to another passenger, the taxi driver and the motorist were arguing and shouting at each other.
“The motorist skipped the stop street by the water reservoirs. I think he wanted to get ahead of us, but our driver turned off towards Kinross. The angry motorist made a U-turn, stopped for a while on the side of the bridge near the stop street, then came racing up from behind,” the woman said.
Several meters from the entrance to Kinross, the motorist fired a shot into the rear windscreen of the taxi, made a U-turn and headed back into the direction of Trichardt.
The bullet ripped through the rear window and the back seat, hitting the female passenger in the head.
The taxi driver stopped, dropped the shocked passengers off on the side of the road and headed into town to report the incident to the Kinross Police Station.
A few minutes later, DA councillor Encee van Huyssteen drove past the the group of passengers next to the road. A bloodied man was trying to flag down a motorist to seek help. “Thankfully someone had already placed a blanket on the woman’s wound to stop the bleeding,” Encee told The Bulletin.
He called the ambulance and police while also calming down the injured woman and the bystanders. “The woman’s injury looked severe,” Encee said. “It is unacceptable that motorists become so enraged and that an altercation can escalade to the point where one would shoot at another.”
Langamed South Ambulance Services transported the wounded woman to Evander Hospital. Shayne van der Heever said the patient was responsive, but her condition was critical.
Job Mnguni, taxi driver, described the gunman to The Bulletin as a tall and well-built white young man with a moustache. He was wearing a white shirt and driving a white Ford Kuga with Gauteng registration plates.
Sgt Esther Nhlapo, spokesperson for Kinross Police, said the wounded woman’s condition was

This taxi passenger was shot in head today 5 May 2017 near Kinross during a road rage incident.

critical. The police asked anyone with information about the incident or the identity of the shooter, to contact Sgt Nhlapo on 072 611 3006.