Police and municipality remove squatters

Secunda Police, Govan Mbeki Municipality, Secunda, The Bulletin
Govan Mbeki Municipality and the Secunda police removed squatters in the Secunda CBD on Wednesday (26 April).

Vagrants were removed from the Secunda CBD on 26 April by the members of the Govan Mbeki Municipality’s Compliance and Law Enforcement in conjunction with the police.
The municipality has received numerous complaints from businesses and residents regarding these vagrants.
Their belongings were packed up and loaded into a truck.
Apparently, there is a shelter where these street sleepers can reside, but according the municipal employees the homeless refuse to go to the shelter.
Comments on the Govan Mbeki Municipality’s Facebook page are from residents and business people applauding the municipality and the police.
Several residents also directed the law enforcers to other places in the Govan Mbeki municipal area where vagabonds are squatting in public areas.
These include the walk ways at the Post Office, the area in front of the Sasol Gym, the arcade by Goldwagen (behind Shell garage), Evander CBD and eMbalenhle.
Some people wrote that the law enforcers should rather concentrate on getting rid of drug dealers, refuse in residential areas and the beggars at the robots.
However, two people who commented, felt the vagrants were treated inhumane and without dignity.
Heidi Pretorius saw the “eviction” of a man that sleeps close to their shop.
“Although I agree he should not be on the streets, he was ill-treated, with disrespect.
“He is still a human being! They barely gave him a chance to unpack his trolley.
“GMM, build them a shelter!”
Keshwin Singh wrote: “Shame. No matter how messed up life is, people still have a right to live.
“Can you imagine having nothing and then being told to take your nothing and leave?”
Thulani Yhumeni thinks that businesses should have helped to build a place for these homeless people.
“They don’t stay there (in the CBD) for fun! So where to now?”