Four teenagers appear in court


Four teenage boys appeared in the Secunda Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, 4 April for allegedly raping a six-year-old girl.
They were summonsed to appear in court on a primary inquiry for child court proceedings.
The parents of the boys, of whom two are 12-years old and two are 14-years old, were standing next to them in the dock.
The boys are being accused of raping a six-year-old girl on 10 January last year.
Their victim was playing outside her house when two of the boys approached her and called her “Baby”.
The other two boys arrived later and all four of them took the victim’s clothes off.
The two 14-year-old boys watched as the two 12-year-old boys both raped her.
All four live in the same street as their victim and after raping her, they just continued to play outside.
The girl was examined after she informed her parents of the rape.
It was found she had sustained gynaecological injuries.
The boys were referred to a psychologist and the case is postponed to 20 June.