Pastor appear in court on rape charges


The Secunda Regional Court convicted a pastor from eMbalenhle on 27 March on raping a teenager in his parish.
The pastor raped the 15-ear-old girl twice in October 2014 when he was looking after her and her two siblings.
The trusting parents left the children in the pastor’s care while going away on holiday.
The girl later testified in court that the pastor said he will marry her and if she does not want to marry him, he will kill himself.
He went to her room, said he loved her and then raped her.
He did not wear a condom.
A few days later he raped her again, this time in the garage.
The victim sent a message to a friend, telling her about the incidents.
The friend informed the parents who immediately returned home and reported the rape to the police.
The pastor apparently often gave the victim lifts home from church.
He often offered her money to buy whatever she wanted.
He once throttled her at church and became abusive.
The pastor will be sentenced on 17 May.