The Bulletin, Secunda, Ancois van Zyl, South African Council of Business Women
Ancois van Zyl, a biokineticist in Secunda, is the new National President of the South African Council of Business Women.

Ancois van Zyl (32) from Secunda is the new National President of the South African Council of Business Women (SACBW).
Ancois’ election as the SACBW National President for 2017 was announced on Friday, 24 March.
She has given over the reigns as chairperson of the Secunda SACBW branch to Shimona Mariah to give her full attention to her duties on national level.
Ancois finished a Honn BSc Biokinetics degree (cum laude) in 2007 and internship in 2008.
She worked for the NWU Rugby institute and with an Arabian international group doing physical training.
In this time she was part of the Golden Key International Honour Society and served on the University’s JOOL/RAG committee (charity).
She was Chair and presented leadership training for the North West University (NWU) 14 outreach teams in 2007 and 2008.
Since 2010 she is self-employed at Ancois van Zyl Biokinetics in Secunda.
For the past four years she served on the Sasolmed Clinical Coordination Committee and 2016 as part of the NEC for the SACBW.
She describes herself as a positive, creative and disciplined whole brain thinker who gets the job done when others say it is impossible.
She is a born entrepreneur who loves the corporate world and has a passion for education and leadership development.
Her favourite quote is from Sir Richard Branson: “If we continue to judge ourselves by the ability to fit in, then we will never stand out!”
Shimona is the managing director at AXIS Human Capital Investment.