Protesters burn trucks


Residents of Extension 25 (Afghanistan) outside Kinross are still protesting and causing havoc.
A truck was burnt on Monday evening and another truck was set alight on Tuesday.
Messages going around on social media this morning of another vehicle being burnt this morning and people seriously injured, could not be confirmed by Kinross Police.
According to Sgt Ester Nhlapo, spokesman of Kinross Police, residents looted tuck shops of Somalian nationals and burnt tyres yesterday.
Residents protested on 22 March as well because of poor service delivery.
They want water and electricity in Extension 25.
They handed over a memorandum to the mayor recently and municipal officials had a meeting with the community on Monday, 27 March.
Residents were not happy with the outcome and started protesting again.

Protesters, Protesters set truck alight
A truck was set alight by protesters on Tuesday on the R29 road between Kinross and Leandra.