Protesters set truck alight


Reuben Twala (63), escaped with his life from a burning truck after protesters set his truck alight this morning.
Protesters took to the streets on the R29 road between Kinross and Leandra and Reuben said he saw the road was blocked and tried to make a U-turn.
“I could not make the turn and the protesters came from both sides of the road.
“I jumped out of my truck and ran away,” said Reuben.
The police were at the scene and the protesters eventually ran into the field.
Reuben was on his way from Johannesburg to mines in the area to deliver goods.
He is thankful he escaped and said he hopes his insurance company will pay out for his truck.
It is believed that people are still protesting because Govan Mbeki Municipality started cutting off water and electricity of people who did not pay.