Secunda fire station gets facelift


The front view of the Secunda Fire Station has recently had a facelift thanks to the generosity of local businessmen.
Roos & Rosslee built a platform on which an olden day 50kg DCP Fire extinguisher is mounted.
The company also erected a memorial wall behind this display, as well as repaired and recovered the thatch roof of the station’s lapa.
Modern Collision Repair resprayed the extinguisher to its former glory.
Douw Botha, Senior Station Officer, said 50kg dry chemical powder extinguishers such as the one in front of the fire station, are still in operation within some industrial plants.
Two men must operate it at a time.
“This one brings back memories of the time I was initiated as fireman some 25 years ago.
“Those days rookies were tarred and feathered and then made to haul this huge fire extinguisher around the town centre.”
Johan Rosslee of Roos & Rosslee said the work done was with the aim to beautify the town.
Other things at the station in dire need of repair, include the roof of the men’s quarters, an updated road map and the pond in the station’s courtyard.