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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
16.1 C

    Chequered flag for Adam’s mini Formula 1 dream

    Adam Mtsweni (35), owner of Thunder Valley Speedway at Graceland, pulled out all stops to revamp this unique entertainment attraction.
    He imported 10 go-karts built to his specified design.
    Adam, who is a millwright by trade who holds a business management degree, designed the cars to be more manoeuvrable with better road holding.
    He also substituted mechanical brakes with hydraulic brakes.
    Each kart contains a 160cc Honda engine.
    Adam admits that, although being completely obsessed with fast cars and racing, he has never had the chance to get into a race car.
    His fascination with the sport has spurred on this father of three boys to quit his high paying job at Sasol and invest in a go-kart race track.
    “However, I have quickly realised that all is not fun and games when you run your own business.
    “Thankfully I have learned sound business principles in my studies.
    “I’m convinced that this country needs to empower more entrepreneurs,” he said.
    One of the many plans on Adam’s list is already in operation. He is hosting a competition on the first weekend of every month where the racers race against the clock.
    The fastest driver of the day is amply rewarded.
    Future plans include hosting birthday parties, teambuilding sessions and under roof spectating.
    For information and for bookings, phone 076 754 1128.

    Adam Mtsweni.
    Adam Mtsweni.

    Chequered flag for Adam’s mini Formula 1 dream